Christian 21 from Speke, Liverpool – Student

“I had been working in call centres since finishing school. The work was never permanent and I found myself without work for weeks on end. My friend’s dad told me about an opportunity to learn a new trade at Fixit Training with the possibility of a job if I completed all the training. I didn’t know what steel fixing was and had never worked in construction so I was a unsure of what to expect.

The course was intense but I learnt a lot in such a short space of time. I learnt the basics of steel fixing, enough to go onto a site and be confident I could be of real use. I learnt how to conduct myself on a building site to keep myself and other around me safe. When I completed the training I was offered a job start at  Volkerbrooks a few weeks  later.  I  expanded on what I learnt at Fixit Training and now have a real trade under my belt. I am now a full time steel fixer and learning new things all the time and the wages are a lot better.”

Lee Fox at Volkerbrooks – Employer 

“Due to a real skill shortage of steel fixers and formworkers, we were keen to work with Fixit Training to see if we could use their specialist training of these young people to fulfil our recruitment needs. Surprising was the fact that some of these lads had never worked on a  building site let alone in civil engineering. However, the lads clearly demonstrated skills and techniques in this area, enough so they was of real use to us when starting them. Through us they have built on the skills Fixit Training equipped them with and now they invaluable to our current planned works. Over the months we have taken a dozen lads on and have been satisfied with pre-employment training they received individually.”


John-Paul 22 from Wigan – Student

“My dad is a retired shuttering joiner and was always trying to persuade me to get into the profession. I was reluctant as I didn’t think that it would be something that I would enjoy or that I would be good at. I came across Fixit on my Facebook and gave them a call. Their course gave me the chance to experience the trade in a real world type environment whilst i learnt, with the opportunity of a job if I enjoyed it. When I completed the course I realised that my reluctance to follow my dad was a confidence problem. It turned out I was actually good at it and I loved everything the course taught me.

I was offered a job placement at MPB Contractors immediately and am still at the same place six months after completing the course. I have built quickly on the confidence and skills that Fixit Training gave to me and now I am really happy that I gave this a go. I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to start a job in this area.”

Jeremy Simms from MPB Contractors – Employer

“We heard about Fixit Training and their intentions early on and made contact with them. For us, this is a recruitment gold mine as we can bypass recruitment agencies and recruit purpose trained local people to work on our projects.

All fifteen recruits from Fixit Training have proven to be reliable in terms of their ability and enthusiasm for the job. John-Paul is no different. He came to us keen to put his new skills to work and it has been great watching him build his confidence and become a real productive lad on site. Having trained in a real world simulated building environment at Fixit Training I found that I did not have to worry about his safety or work practices as much as I normally would. John-Paul came to me work ready, aware of health & safety rules and practices with real skills that he could hit the ground running with.”


Stevie 20 from Manchester – Student

“I was wanting to get into a proper trade for a while but couldn’t find companies that would let me work with them because I had no trade. I worked as a labourer for different people and companies but couldn’t get anywhere further. My mate tagged me into  post on Facebook that Fixit Training had put up advertising a training programme with a guaranteed job at the end. I called them and went down to their site. They explained to me what steel fixing and formwork was and what opportunities could come from gaining experience in this trade.

The course was intense but was really good. I learnt a lot in such a relatively short period of time. I learnt the basics of steel fixing, enough to get onto site and be useful to them. I quickly built on the training given to me at Fixit Training when I started at Kiers and in such a short space of time was earning good money. I am glad I came across this training. Since I finished my training, two of my mates have also completed their training, one of them now works with me.”

Phil Scott from Kiers – Employer

“Fixit Training have sent a over a dozen graduates over to us and we have found them all to be hard working and equipped with the skills we need to put them to work. Stevie in particular has been great to have with us as he works very hard and is keen to expand on what Fixit Training has taught him.

I would never have known Stevie to give him the chance he was looking for without Fixit Training. In this regard, Fixit Training are ideally placed in order to filter through the people that we need in this profession and equip them with the skills that we need them to have to be of a real world use to us.

With such profound skill shortage in the industry and the inability to find local talent to progress our business, Fixit Training are a welcomed partner and we very much hope to maintain this partnership to fulfil both our needs and ambitions in the future.”