Online Training

Online Training Courses

Online training can very often be the most cost and time effective way of ensuring that you or your workforce are kept up-to-date with the knowledge that is needed to perform a current job or for training for a new one.

With some courses costing as little as £15 + VAT and because all of them can be taken at a time that is convenient to the person taking them, online training can provide the perfect solution for busy people who find it difficult to take time from work to attend a traditional classroom course.

To see what is available, click Health & SafetyBusiness Skills or Health & Social Care for a full list.

After successfully completing any course, a Certificate of Training is provided to prove that you have achieved the required level of knowledge for your current job or if you want to apply for a new one.

You can register for a free trial and that will give you totally free access to the first module of all our courses. You can then see for yourself that the courses are easy to watch and ensure that they include exactly what you want before you decide to take any individual one. We will then also let you know when we have added new courses that you might be interested in.

Whether you decide to book a course for yourself or for a member of your workforce, you can access the complete training records from a simple login portal so that everything is stored for you in one convenient place. You can also use the login portal to proceed and buy one or any number of courses as and when they are needed.

We have tried to ensure that each step from registering for a free trial to starting and completing courses is as simple and self-explanatory as possible, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.