About Us

Fixit Construction Training Academy is uniquely placed to address the skills shortage facing the construction industry and in particular the civil engineering industry. Each member of our training and management team have no less than 25 years hands on experience in civil engineering, building up contacts and forming a reputation we are proud to showcase.

We have one single purpose. To equip people with the skills and knowledge to go into the construction and civil engineering industry and thrive. We will achieve this through real innovation in the approach of how we train and develop people for their respective careers. Simply put, we truly believe no one is offering what we have to offer.

Our mission, through our unique and extremely practical training centre is to produce the highest quality workforce who are confident to step into the real world and hit the ground running in their respective careers.

Our reputation will be built on the back of the people we train. They will act as ambassadors for our business and so you can be assured we will only ever deliver the highest quality training possible. To this end, Fixit Construction Training Academy will be a trusted partner for you. A partner that can be relied upon to take forward the construction and civil engineering industry as whole, whether you are a business, an individual or a training provider.