Fixit Training

Fixit Training was established with the specific purpose of redressing the nationwide skills shortage in steel fixing and formworking. We are the only independent training provider in the country to offer training in both trades as its core specialist training and to have one single purpose: –

To equip people with the skills and knowledge to go into the construction and civil engineering industry and thrive. We will achieve this through real innovation in the approach of how we train and develop people for their chosen careers. Simply put, we truly believe no one is offering what we offer.

Our mission, through our unique and extremely practical training centre, is to produce the highest quality workforce who are confident to step into the real world and hit the ground running in their work environments. We achieve this for individuals by developing training schemes ranging from formal traineeship programmes to job ready intensive training with guaranteed employment at conclusion. For employers, we have a constant stream of job ready individuals and also work with them to upskill their own workforce for a change of career or with bespoke targeted training requirements.

Our reputation has been built on the back of the people we train and the achievement of our mission, with our proudest achievement being the fulfilment of our guarantee to numerous individuals to place them in employment after training with us: –

– Young people who are conscience of the financial hardship of a university education but who wish to enter a career and gain experience and earn a wage whilst achieving qualifications to the same level of degree or post degree qualification.

– Career focused individuals who know what they want but wish to hit the ground running in their respective career paths by gaining practical experience early on.

– The long-term unemployed who considered themselves unemployable now have their dignity returned and are now earning a true living wage.

– Young people with no career direction and misspent youths can now be proud of the fact that they have turned their lives around and have a future to look forward to.

– Older individuals have found a viable route for retraining or upskilling for a multitude of reasons for a career that will provide full-time constant work for at least ten years.

– Those in dead-end jobs with zero-hour contracts now have a career path and can plan for a future with earning a proper wage that will only increase with experience.

  • They act as ambassadors for our business, so you can be assured we will only ever deliver the highest quality training. To this end, we will be a trusted partner for you. A partner that can be relied upon to take the construction and civil engineering industry forward as a whole, whether you are a business, an individual or a training provider.

As we expand as a business we continue to develop new opportunities in order to help people in the construction and scaffold industries. We offer a wide range of construction related health and safety courses nationally with new courses added daily.

We have a purpose built scaffold training facility; offering a wide range of scaffold health and safety courses. Our team has over 30 years experience in this field with over 10 years delivering the highest quality training.

Whether you are wanting to develop your career, gain new skills in your current career or begin your new career, you can be sure that Fixit Training will be a willing and proactive partner in helping you or your workforce realise these ambitions.

Thank you!